Department Of Psychiatry

  1. We have 15 beded fully equipped well staffed department with one unit. The department treats people with mental health problems. Some of the problems treated here are:
  2. Depression (being very sad so people cannot work, are tearful, do not eat properly etc),
  3. Schizophrenia (often seeing or hearing things that are not real and behaving very strangely)
  4. Manic-depression (go from very very happy to very very sad)
  5. Obsessive-compulsive behaviour (doing things again and again even though they do not need doing eg cleaning hands 20 times even when they are clean)
  6. Phobias – being very afraid of things when they are not dangerous
  7. Addiction problems are treated eg alcohol and drug addiction – including detoxification
  8. Emotional problems
  9. Marital problems
OPD Days
Units OPD Days
Unit-I Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday, Saturday