OPD Services

Outpatient department (OPD) being the first point of contact of the patients with the hospital services, is an integral part of Maharaja Surajmal Hospital. OPD services are provided 24X7 by well experienced staff. Other various OPD services provided at Maharaja Surajmal Hospital are:-

  • May I help you counter to provide all required information and help.
  • Computerized OPD Registration counters.
  • Computerized Billing counters
  • Counter for senior citizen and differently abled
  • Dispensary for camp patients
  • Injection Room (Separately for males & females)
  • Immunization for children
  • Audiometry Room
  • Gynaecology services
  • Refraction room
  • DOTS room / PFT room
  • Minor OT
  • Dressing room
  • Cardiology –TMT/ECG
  • Radiology – USG / X-Ray
  • Hospital laboratory and investigation
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy