Scheme for free Ultrasound, X-ray, CT Scan, Lab test, etc. facilities extended till 28th Feb. 2023.

NABL Certificate
Student Manual 2020 - 21
Corona Update
S. No. Implementation of Clause B.1.11 of Regulations on Minimum Standard Requirement For Medical College (150 Admission) Updated
a. Director/ Dean, Medical Superintendent Updated on 1st Week of June
b. Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff Updated on 1st Week of June
c. Sanctioned intake capacity of UG Courses Updated on 1st Week of June
d. List of Students admitted merit wise, category wise for the current and previous year for UG Courses Updated on 1st Week of June
e. Research publication Updated on 1st Week of June
f. CME programmes, conferences and academic activities conducted by the institution. Updated on 1st Week of June
g. Awards and achievement received by the students or the faculty. Updated on 1st Week of June
h. Affiliating University and its Vice Chancellor and Registrar. Updated on 1st Week of June
i. 1. MBBS 1st prof. (Annual Examination August 2017)
2. Result of MBBS 1st Prof. Supple. Examination November 2017( Admission Batch 2016-17 )
3. Result Notification 30.09.2018 mbbs 1st prof annual examination August 2018
4. MBBS 2nd prof. (Annual Examination January 2019)
5. MBBS 1st Year Prof Supplementary Feb 2019
6. 1st prof Supplementary August 2019
7. MBBS 2nd Prof Supplementary August 2019
8. 2nd Prof Supplementary Result January 2020
9. Result 3rd Prof 17.02.2020
10. MBBS 2nd Prof. (Supplementary Examination April 2020)
11. MBBS 3rd Prof. (Part I Supplementary Examination 2020)
12. MBBS 3rd Prof. (Part II Examination November 2020)
13. Result MBBS 3rd Prof. Part - II_ March 2021
14. Result MBBS 3rd Prof. Part - I_July 2021
15.Result MBBS 3rd Prof. Part - I_September 2021
16.Result MBBS 3rd Prof. Part - II_October 2021
17.MBBS_1ST_PROF_RESULT_(Batch - 2020-21)_March 12, 2022
18.Re-cheking_MBBS_1ST_PROF_RESULT_(Batch - 2020-21)_March 12, 2022
19.Re-cheking_MBBS_1ST_PROF_RESULT_2_(Batch - 2020-21)_March 12, 2022
20.MBBS_1ST_PROF_RESULT_(Batch - 2020-21)_March 31, 2022
21.MBBS 3rd Prof. (Part II Supplementary Examination March 2022)
22.MBBS 3rd Prof. (Part I Supplementary Examination April 2022)
Updated on 1st Week of June
j. Status or recognition of all the courses. Updated on 1st Week of June
k. Clinical material in the hospital. Updated on 1st Week of June

Non Clinical Departments Gender Harassment Committee
Clinical Departments Other Infrastructures
Citizen Charter Anti Ragging Committee
Ayushman Bharat Online Classes Schedule (Teaching)

Latest News

  • 6th May Transfusion Medicine 2023 Workshop.
  • 2nd to 5th May Blood Groupong Campaign.
  • 30th April 100th episode of the Mann ki Baat program, of Honourable Prime Minister.
  • 15th-16th April 2nd Wet Temporial Bones hand on temporial workshop
  • 6th April Workshop on Sexual Harrasment by Dr. M.C Gupta
  • 12 March to 18 March 2023 विश्व काला मोतिया दिवस पर 18 मार्च तक होगा मुफ़्त इलाज
  • 14th Jan. 2023 Health Camp Beri. Patients examined : 45
  • 13th Jan. 2023 WCMSRH Blood Bank organized blood donation drive on 13-01-2023.
    Blood donors : 15.
  • 13th Jan. 2023 Certificate distributed to voluntary blood donors by Dr.C.S.Dhull, Director Hospital, WCMSRH. Read more...
  • 13th Jan. 2023 CADAVERIC OATH TAKING CEREMONY.
  • 11th Jan. 2023 White Coat Ceremony @ WCMSRH Jhajjar.Read more...
  • 4th Jan. 2023 Free Distribution of Spectacles and Hearing Aids for elder patients.
  • 4th Jan. 2023 Camp is Orgainsed by Hon’ble Sh O.P. Dhankar & Hon’ble Chairman Dr. Narendra Singh
  • 2nd Jan. 2023 On the occasion of New year 2023, Honorable chairman Dr.Narendra Singh, offered prayers... Read more...
  • 2nd Jan. 2023 On the occasion of 2023, lunch was organized at WCMRH for all the faculties and staff. Read more...
  • 26th Dec. 2022 Major General Dr R. Chaturvedi has delivered a lecture on Disaster Management on 26-12-2022.Read more...
  • 23rd Dec. 2022 An Eye & ENT health checkup camp is being organised in village Dhakla on 25.12.2022 from 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
  • 20th Dec. 2022 A Multispciality health checkup camps is being organised in village Dharana on 20-12-22. Read more...
  • 13th Dec. 2022 Conducted the quiz competition and also had an opportunity to judge the resident’s poster session in annual haryana AOI conference... Read more...
  • 13th Dec. 2022 Invited as a guest faculty to chair the session by AOI Conference.. Dr. Raman Read more...
  • 28th Nov. 2022CME NTEP on 28/11/2022
  • 27th Nov. 2022 23 days old fracture clavicle exploited by quacks in jhajjar came to us and given good advice and management.. Read more...
  • 25th Nov. 2022 The second edition of our book titled "TEXTBOOK OF PHYSIOLOGY FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS " has been released in two volumes. This is completely in accordance with CBME based Curriculum. The book is supplemented with separate chapter on AETCOM, Multiple choice questions and clinical cases... Read more...
  • 24th Nov. 2022Wounds on extensor surfaces takes long time to heal if knee movement is not restricted Putting cylindrical slab helps in wound healing over knee... Read more...
  • 24th Nov. 2022This patient had pain in the leg from this painful screw Was removed successfully todayRead more...
  • 23th Nov. 2022Health Checkup Camps on 24th at Mundahera (09:00 AM - 01:00 PM) Read more...
  • 23th Nov. 2022Amazing talk and discussion by our Director Academic, Dr. M.C. Gupta Sir on Antimicrobial resistance. The webinar was organised by Medical Students Association of India.
  • 23th Nov. 2022Voluntary Blood donation camp at Majara …Total 40 units collected..... Read more...
  • 24th Sept. 2022Blood Donation Camp Kortpura 24.09.2022
  • 23th Sept. 2022 Blood Donation Camp Mundhera 23.09.2022
  • 17th Sept. 2022 Blood Donation Camp Majra Dubaldhan_17.09.2022
  • 28th Sept 2022World Medical College doctors ....
  • 24th Sept. 2022Blood Camp in Mundhera...
  • 30th July 2022World College's Doctors Remove 1kg. Tumor...
  • 02nd Aug 2022Surgery Dept. Professor Got Award...
  • 30th May 20221st Batch complete internship

Medical Education

We conduct educational activities which serve to maintain, develop and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of students.

Initiative Under Medical Health Program

Preparing students to become exemplary & ethical docters

We accentuate the role of our students by conducting events ensuring that the teachings are translated into practices

Swachh Bharat Pakhwada at WCMSRH

Diwali Celebration