Department of Physiology

We are envisioned to create dedicated, competent & compassionate doctors whose ultimate goal is to serve humanity & uphold the ideals of this noble profession. Physiology “The science of life” is the foundation on which clinical medicine rests. Knowledge of the intricate workings of different body systems & their complex interrelationships forms the core of the subjects. This understanding enables students to correlate between the pathology of a disease & its treatment, contributing to the development of the core skills of a competent doctor.

(A)Demonstration Room - There are two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs. The room also consists of overhead projector, slide projector, television, video and other audiovisual aids, so as to accommodate at least 75-100 students.

(B) Practical rooms - The following laboratories with adequate accommodation are provided to accommodate 90 students. There are three more laboratories namely- (i) Amphibian laboratory
(ii) Mammalian laboratory
(iii) Human Laboratory
(iv) Haematology Laboratory
(v) Clinical Physiology Laboratory

(C) Departmental Library - There is a departmental library-cum-seminar room with at least 80-100 books.

(D) Research - There is one research laboratory for research purposes.