Department of Forensic
Medicine & Toxicology

The Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department is dedicated to the study and consecutive application of different areas of the medical sciences. These are applied to Human Body in order to assist the law for investigating a crime including murder, sexual assault, poisoning or natural death. It deals with the concept of imparting knowledge of Medico-Legal responsibilities to the treating physician and various problems related to the practice of legal medicine.

(A) Demonstration Room - There are two demonstration rooms well fitted with strip chairs, over head projector, slide projector, television, video and other audiovisual aids to accommodate at least 75-100 students.

(B) Museum - There is a museum to display medico-legal specimens, charts, models, prototype fire arms, wax models, slides, poisons, photographs etc. with seating arrangements for 40-50 students.

(C) Laboratory - There is a laboratory for the examination of specimens, tests and forensic histopathology, serology, anthropology and toxicology.

(D) Autopsy Block - There is an autopsy room with facilities for cold storage, for dead bodies, ante-rooms, washing facilities, with an accommodation capacity of 40-50 students, waiting hall, office etc.

(F) Departmental Library - There is a departmental library-cum-seminar room with at least 80-100 books.

(E) Research - There is a research laboratory for research purposes.